Whilst the majority of the services are included within the administration fee, B-hive provide additional services to the client which are chargeable at an extra cost.


    Employers Liability Insurance is arranged and placed by B-hive Site Staff Solutions on behalf of the Client, however the cost is recharged on an annual basis. Fees are based on total salaries of all employees at the development.


    General Health & Safety training is inclusive of the B-hive Site Staff Solutions administration fee. If required, at an additional cost, a Health & Safety inspector will analyse the employee job descriptions and liaise with the employees to establish any further required training specific to their role and daily duties.

    A report with recommended training fees is provided to our client. Where it is possible for the training to be completed by a B-hive H&S Inspector, preferential B-hive rates will be given.

    If an external company is utlisied, we will ensure that competitive prices are obtained and discuss dates and times for training with the Property Manager.


    It is often necessary for our site staff to have First Aid Training. Depending on the development, this could be either the 1 day course or full 3 day course. Whilst this has to be done by an external company, we have ensured we have obtained competitive prices and preferred rates are offered for our B-hive Site Staff Solutions’ clients (this can sometimes see a reduction in cost of up to 50%).


    If the development considers a restructure or redundancies, this can be overseen by HR and the Property Manager, with the included Employee Dispute Insurance covering any approved business cases. However, the work involved will be charged at an additional cost. The total cost will depend on the extent of the restructure or time involved in processes.


    If it is necessary to recruit an employee then recruitment charges will apply. The cost will include the recruitment company charges and also for the Property Manager to review CVs forwarded by the recruitment company, holding interviews, issuing offer letters and contracts and setting new employees up on the systems. This is currently charged at a competitive recruitment rate of 15% of the offered salary.

    All security checks which need to be completed are additionally charged at a total fee of £225 plus VAT.


    We take pride in our solid partnerships with reputable Property Management recruitment agencies, which ensures the provision of highly qualified and dependable temporary workers at your development.


    Whilst it is not compulsory for site staff to wear standard uniform with embroidery, it can add a sense of professionalism to a role.

    Uniform costs can depend on the job role of the employee and can range from smart/casual workwear for building managers/caretakers to formal suits for Estate Managers and Concierge Staff.


    It is often important for site staff to have access to various forms of IT equipment, which can include:

    • Mobile Phone
    • PC and Screen (including Microsoft Office Software)
    • Printer and Scanner
    • Concierge Email Address
    • Landline
    • Broadband

    We can help provide some or all of the above depending on the requirements of the development.


    VAT Charges

    It is important to note that where B-hive Site Staff Solutions employ the site staff directly, VAT will be applicable to the cost of the salaries, as well as B-hive’s administration fee. This is due to a change of regulations by the HMRC in November 2018.

    If you would like to hear more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Administration Fee

    The 15% fee can be negotiable depending on the number of site staff employed at the development. For large number of employees (10+) the fee can start from 10%.