As an employee of B-hive Site Staff Solutions, we take the health and safety of our staff very seriously. We facilitate two courses for our employees, which have been created by our B-hive Property Solutions’ Health & Safety team. The courses are tailored to employees that work in property management, within residential buildings.

For ease, the courses are online and are separated into 3 sessions so that they can be completed at a time convenient for the employee. The courses are split as follows:

Health & Safety Awareness Part 1

This course is 45 minutes in length and finishes with a 12 question quiz which is to be completed and returned to the B-hive Site Staff Solutions team. The course covers the following topics:

• Personal Conduct and Appearance Whilst On Duty
• Legal Obligations
• Accident & Incident Reporting/First Aid
• Property Inspections
• Control Of Contractors
• Manual Handling
• Lone Working
• COVID-19

Health & Safety Awareness Part 2

This course is 50 minutes long and finishes with a 10 question quiz. This course covers the following topics:

• Electricity
• Asbestos
• Slips, Trips & Falls
• Ladders & Working At Height
• Record Maintenance

Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Marshall/Warden Training

This final course is 75 minutes long and finishes with a 12 question quiz. This course covers the following topics:

• Legal Obligations
• The Effect Of The Grenfell Fire Disaster
• Fire Prevention
• Definition And Roles & Responsibilities Of A Fire Marshall/Warden
• Inspections, Testing & Maintenance
• Fire Safety
• Fire Drills
• Safe Evacuation


We ask that all of our employees take the course every 12 months to ensure they are up to date with any changes that have been made since they last took the course. The Health & Safety B-hive Property Solutions team work alongside B-hive Site Staff Solutions to ensure the course is compliant with the requirements for our site staff set out in the Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessment that is performed at our developments.

All training records are held centrally and can be requested at any time by the employee or our client if they are in joint employment with B-hive Site Staff Solutions.

We also offer the online courses to site staff not employed by B-hive Site Staff Solutions. Please email [email protected] for more information.